Wed 12 Jan 2022 15:02

11th January 2022

Since the last update, we have been working on an application to  Bassetlaw District Council for a primary funding grant to enable us to consolidate our cash position and provide a base level for further investment from potential funders.

This has now been completed and was submitted in early January.

On the construction front, we have decided that unless we make a start on the development, there will be no impetus to proceed.

Accordingly, we have placed a contract for some temporary fencing to be installed around the perimeter of the construction site and we have placed a contract for the removal of the trees and foliage within the site. This work will be completed before the end of January.

We have reduced the size of the social and administrative part of the building but altered the design so that we can extend it back to its original size if we require at a later date.

This requires us to re-submit the plans to the planning authority for their approval however in this instance we will be submitting a full planning application amendment together with Building Regulations for approval.

This will be submitted by the end of January.

New tree planting is included within the scheme to compensate for the trees which have been felled and it is our intention to propagate the wood with new shrubs and trees to make it a more amenable area for both facility users and wildlife.

Further updates will be issued when there are any meaningful developments.


27th August 2020

The entrance Works were completed at the end of July and have been handed over to us by the contractor.
We are now developing a strategic plan for the rest of the development.
We hope to have the plan completed and a “road map” of events before the end of September this year.


10th April 2020

A local architect has been appointed and a Planning Application submitted in June 2018 and this was initially refused however on re-submission, we finally received planning consent on 4th July 2019.

The terms of the consent include various provisions in respect of the associated woodland and the avenue of trees along the access road.
In addition, we are required to modify the entrance to the ground from Ordsall Road to accommodate 2 – way traffic.

The Committee has decided that in order to get the project started, we will commence work on the Entrance as this will benefit us in two ways: -
It will get the project started
It will help traffic flow especially on bonfire night and for any other events.

We sent enquiries out to local contractors in December 2019 and have received some replies which are currently being assessed.
We hope to appoint a contractor and commence work very soon so that the works are completed before the beginning of the 2020/21 season.


6th November 2017

At the General Committee Meeting held on Monday 6th November 2017, it was unanimously decided that the Club should proceed and invest funds in the preparation and submission of a Full Planning Application for the development of new changing and clubroom facilities.
An architect has been interviewed and we will shortly be instructing him to proceed with the plans.
A Development Team headed by Richard South will lead the project.


24th February 2015

Delays, delays and more delays however we are happy to report that completion of the land Transfer took place today.
It’s been a long haul, 9½years in fact since we first mooted the idea to Anglian Water however it is now a done deal.


12th March 2014

The final transfer documents have now been signed by the Club and have been returned to our solicitors for return to Anglian Waters solicitors’ for them to complete the final counter signing.
Once they have done that, the deal will be complete and they will send us a copy of the complete transfer document.
It’s been a long haul but the end is well and truly in sight now and the future security of tenure for the club has been achieved together with an increase in our land holding.
We will now own just over 15.5 acres of freehold which will enable us to bolster up our balance sheet.
We can also now look forward to the next phase of development of the Club facilities – whatever that might be, with the comfort of the value of the land behind us.


24 November 2011

After various meetings with Anglian Water, we are currently awaiting their next action with regard to a planning application they are supposed to be submitting for a development of affordable housing on the land they own at the road frontage end of the rugby field. This was supposed to be submitted around July August time this year but to date has not materialized.

The current proposals by the Council, for which consultation is currently taking place, do not show the rugby ground as a Potential Development Area and instead show it as a Potential Protected Open Space.

Further discussions will be sought with Anglian Water in the next couple of months


13th January 2011

We have recently had a meeting with Anglian Water and their proposed land developers - Stepford Homes of Spalding regarding the transfer of land from Anglian Water to Stepford Homes and East Retford Rugby Club. Following a subsequent meeting between Retford Rugby and Stepford it was agreed that Stepford would produce a costing of the proposed Club House Development so that all parties had a base from which we could all work from and develop any cross party funding proposals. This is due to be produced by the end of January 2011.


23rd June 2010

We have signed a new lease with Anglian Water for a 12 month period for the land that we currently lease from them and in addition for the land which we will inherit under the proposed "Land Swop" - always assuming that we can come to an agreement with Anglian Water on terms.


28th April 2010

We have had a meeting with a representative of the RFU and we are planning a meeting with Sport England and the Local Authority in mid May to try and see what the planning restrictions will be in respect of any development on the land fronting the main road. This will have an effect on our discussions with Anglian Water and their agents.


11th March 2010

We are continuing to have meetings with Anglian Water and their agents Savills in regard to the Land Swop which is the first hurdle to be overcome.
The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 17th March 2010


17th November 2009

We have been granted Conditional Outline Planning Consent.
One of the conditions is that we commence the works within 3 years - so now the real work begins IF we want to go ahead with the project.


17th October 2009

We have been advised that we should get a response to our application by 17th November 2009


22nd September 2009

An application for Outline Planning consent has been submitted to Bassetlaw District Council today and we now await the outcome.


17th March 2009

We have now had a reply from the Planning Department and they are intimating that our plans would get a favourable recommendation from them if we incorporate compensatory tree planting (to replace the trees we are intending to remove) and the planting of an additional tree screen on the railway embankment side of the field.
We have asked our tree expert to prepare a tree planting proposal and when that is complete, we shall ask the membership for permission to apply for outline planning permission.


19th February 2009

An application for their initial observations on our future plans has been submitted to the Planning Department at Bassetlaw District Council on 19th February 2009.
This was accompanied by a Tree Report commissioned from an approved Arboricultural Consultant together with an outline plan and photographs of the area.
The reason for this is to obtain an initial planning view of the proposal to see if the department has any objections or recommendations, before we go to the cost of submitting an outline planning application which will cost in the region of £900.00.